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Reviews Of SPENGA

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Maja Culotta
Aug 09, 2017

I am in love with SPENGA. Absolutely love the workout, the instructors and the place! The 20/20/20 method are amazing! One hour flies so fast. Love the musics and the energy of the instructors that always push us to the max! Give it a try, i am sure you will love this place!

Jennifer Ayala
Aug 04, 2017

Highly recommend SPENGA to anyone regardless of their fitness goals! The classes are so much fun yet challenging and the instructors are amazing! It is the best fitness decision I have made!

Amy Meltzer
Aug 03, 2017

Awesome workout

Jess Noga
Aug 01, 2017

I love everything about SPENGA! The combination of spin, strength, and yoga makes it the best full body workout I have found to date. Each class challenges me (in a good way) to push myself to do my best. The studio is welcoming and beautiful; and the instructors are topnotch with their knowledgeable, encouraging, and friendly approach in helping you achieve a great workout in a non-competitive environment. I always leave the studio feeling great! If you're considering trying out SPENGA, don't think twice, I highly recommend!

Michele Davis
Aug 01, 2017

What a great workout! It gives you a little bit of everything and I love the tabata style stregth sessions. You won't get bored and you will be challenged.

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